Excavator Operation and Maintenance Training – About Safety

1.1 Basic safety precautions
Many accidents that occur during machine driving and inspection and maintenance are caused by failure to observe basic precautions. Many of these accidents can be prevented if sufficient attention is paid in advance. Basic precautions are recorded in this book. In addition to these basic precautions, there are many other things that must be paid attention to. Please fully understand all safety precautions before proceeding.

1.2  Precautions before starting work

follow safety rules

Follow the safety-related rules, precautions, and work order. When the work operation and command personnel are arranged, please operate according to the specified command signal.

safety clothing

Please wear a hard hat, safety boots and suitable work clothes, and please use goggles, masks, gloves, etc. according to the work content. In addition, work clothes that adhere to oil are easy to catch fire, so please do not wear them.

Read the operating instructions

Be sure to read the operating instructions before driving the machine. In addition, please keep this instruction manual in the pocket of the driver’s seat. In the case of a cab specification (standard specification) machine, please put this instruction manual in a polyethylene bag with a zipper to prevent it from getting wet by rain. kept in.

safety 1
Fatigue and drunk driving are prohibited

If you are not in good physical condition, it will be difficult to deal with an accident, so please be careful when driving when you are too tired, and driving under the influence of alcohol is absolutely prohibited.







Assembly Maintenance Supplies

For possible accidents and fires, prepare a fire extinguisher and a first aid kit. Learn how to use a fire extinguisher in advance.

Please decide where to store the first aid kit.

Please decide on the means of contact for the emergency contact point, prepare telephone numbers, etc. in advance.



Ensure job site safety

Fully investigate and record the topography and geological conditions of the work site in advance, and prepare carefully to prevent the dumping of machinery and the collapse of sand and soil.






When leaving the machine, it must be locked

If a temporarily parked machine is actuated inadvertently, a person may be pinched or dragged and injured. When leaving the machine, be sure to lower the bucket to the ground, lock the lever, and remove the engine key.

A. Locked position

b. release position

 safety 2
Pay attention to command signals and signs

Please set up signs on the soft soil roadside and foundation or deploy command personnel as necessary. The driver must pay attention to the signs and obey the commander’s command signals. The meaning of all command signals, signs and signals must be fully understood. Please only send the command signal by one person.




No smoking on fuel and hydraulic oil

If fuel, hydraulic oil, antifreeze, etc. are brought close to fireworks, they may catch fire. Fuel in particular is very flammable and very dangerous if near fireworks. Please stop the engine and refuel. Please tighten all fuel and hydraulic oil caps. Please keep fuel and hydraulic oil in the designated place.




Safety devices must be installed

Make sure all guards and covers are installed in their proper locations. If it is damaged, please repair it immediately.

Please use it correctly after fully understanding the use of safety devices such as the ride-and-drop lock lever.

Please do not disassemble the safety device, and please maintain and manage it to ensure its normal function.


Use of handrails and pedals

When getting on and off the vehicle, face machinery, use handrails and track shoes, and be sure to support your body with at least 3 places on your hands and feet. When dismounting from this machine, keep the driver’s seat parallel to the tracks before stopping the engine.

Please pay attention to the inspection and cleaning of the appearance of the pedals and handrails and the installation parts. If there are slippery objects such as grease, please remove them.

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