How to get a good price for your used excavator

The excavator is not only a construction machine, but also a commodity. When the project is over, if you want to resell it, the significance of preserving value will be revealed at this time. Therefore, how to make it more valuable is also very important. Now let’s take a look at some suggestions made by us for the preservation of excavator value.

How to get a good price for your used excavator

1. Keep the original state as much as possible, keep the original parts as much as possible, check and maintain according to the established cycle during use, and replace the wearing parts (filters and so on) regularly.

2. Keep the inside and outside clean. Because the construction environment of small excavators is mostly harsh, it should be cleaned frequently to reduce wear and tear as much as possible to ensure the fineness.

3. If you can’t do it yourself, then find an experienced and responsible operator, because good operating habits have a direct and decisive role in the preservation of value.

4. Before purchasing an excavator, give priority to purchasing machines with the following conditions, so as to preserve the value of second-hand excavators in the future.


(1) Brands with high brand reputation: Generally, when buying second-hand excavators, most people will consider the brand’s recognition and influence in the industry and market. If the brand has a good reputation, then its brand value will be enhanced accordingly.

(2) Choose a model with a high market share: When purchasing construction machinery, try to choose a model with a high market share, which is more conducive to improving the value preservation rate. Therefore, it is recommended that users try to avoid buying some models that are about to be updated. , Because the delisting of old models often means that the pace of depreciation is accelerated.

(3) Low fuel consumption and maintenance cost: If the maintenance and repair cost of a construction machine is high, the market acceptance will become lower. On the contrary, the low maintenance cost of this construction machine will make it easier for people to accept it.

(4) The price of the new machine is firm: Generally speaking, the more stable the price of the new machine, the higher the value preservation rate of the machine.

(5) Good reputation: Some models have a very high value preservation because they have good reputation of an excellent user experience. Therefore, when purchasing an excavator, try to choose a machine with a good reputation.


Do the above points well, the value preservation of small excavators will definitely be higher, and when resale, it will recover a lot more cost than others.

Post time: Apr-14-2022