Business Cooperation

When you come to our page, I guess you are already or ready to become a dealer or wholesaler of excavator parts.

Working in the excavator accessories industry is challenging, especially being a dealer or wholesaler in the excavator spare parts industry. There are many excavator brands in the market, and these brands will release several excavator models every once in a while. Since the working time of an excavator is not one or two years, but up to ten years and sometimes more than twenty years, there are countless excavator models on the market. On an excavator, there are different working modules and various small accessories, which makes it challenging to do business in the excavator accessories industry. This not only requires expertise in excavator accessories, but also requires a certain amount of inventory to meet local customer demand, which also brings financial pressure.

When dealing with excavator accessories, I guess you will encounter all kinds of problems, such as:

1. Insufficient professional knowledge, do not know what accessories to use, lack of accessories query system.

2. You will meet a variety of people, such as local repair shops, machine owners, peers to transfer goods, etc.

3. There are too many models on the market, but the funds are limited. I don’t know which accessories are easy to sell and which accessories are in low demand.

4. Each brand has different models, I don't know what other potential accessories.

5. Customers often provide part numbers to find products, but they do not know what products these part numbers represent.

6. Uncompetitive prices from local suppliers squeeze profits.


But here at YNF, we provide one-stop excavator spare parts supply and service. We have a professional parts query system that can query accurate data for you. When your customer gives you a string of part numbers, you just hand it over to us and we can identify the exact product for you.

Query system

At the same time, you don't need to worry about your lack of knowledge of excavator accessories, or your lack of understanding of the excavator accessories industry. As we have been operating and producing excavator accessories for more than 30 years, we have accumulated rich industry experience. We can provide you with professional consulting services for your market, and answer for you which models are better sold in your area, which products have more customer needs, and so on.


We are located in Guangzhou, which is the distribution center of China's import and export. Because Guangzhou has a rich transportation network, you don't need to prepare all the excavator accessories. By sending them to you, the logistics time is very short, only about 1 week. This can greatly reduce your financial pressure.

Welcome to talk to us about more information about the excavator spare parts industry.