Excavator Operation and Maintenance Training – Foreword

[Excavator Operation and Maintenance Training] This book is an operating manual for the safe and effective use of this machine. Before you use this machine, please read this book, and on the basis of fully understanding the driving operation, inspection and maintenance, convert it into the knowledge you master before driving this machine.


Improper use of this product can cause serious injury or death. Please read this manual carefully and fully understand its contents before operating or maintaining this product. In order to facilitate reading, please store this book carefully in the storage place behind the driver's seat, and the staff who have obtained the mechanical operation qualification must also read it regularly.

· Please use this product after fully understanding the contents of this book.

· Keep this book handy at all times and read it over and over again.

· If this book is lost or damaged, please order it from our company or our sales agent as soon as possible.

· When transferring this product, in order to ensure the use of the next user, please transfer this book along with it.

· We provide machinery that conforms to the regulations and specifications of the country of use. If your machine was purchased from another country, or purchased through a person or business in another country, the product may not have the necessary safety devices and safety specifications for use in your country. Please check with our sales office whether the machinery you own complies with the regulations and specifications of your country.

· Safety-related matters are explained in "Safety-related Information" 0-2 and "Basic Safety Precautions" 1-3, please read them carefully.

word to client


Guaranteed according to the warranty attached to this machine. The company will repair the faults for which it is confirmed that the company is responsible, free of charge, according to the items described in the warranty. However, please note that our company does not guarantee the failure caused by the use method contrary to the operation manual of this machine.

Tour service

After purchasing this machine, our company will implement free regular tour service according to the specified time and frequency. In addition, if you are not sure about the maintenance, please consult with the nearest sales agent of our company.

advance statement

1All illustrations in this operating manual sometimes depict the state after the guard and cover or safety guard cover and cover have been removed in order to illustrate the finer parts of the machine. Please be sure to place the cover and cover in accordance with the regulations when the machine is running. Install and restore the equipment, and drive in accordance with this operating manual. Neglecting the above operation may result in serious personal accident and damage to important parts of the machine and other items.

2This instruction manual is subject to changes due to product improvement, specification changes, and the instruction manual itself to improve usability. Therefore, please understand that the content of this book may be inconsistent with the part of the machine you purchased.

3This book is written on the basis of our company's long-term rich experience and technology. Although it is expected that its contents are perfect, please contact our company if there are errors, omissions, etc. In addition, regarding the ordering of the operating manual, please consult our sales representative.

Safety related information


1. In order to prevent the danger caused by unforeseen accidents and protect the staff and machinery, this machine is equipped with safety devices. However, the driver's staff should not only rely on these safety devices, but should also read the precautions described in this chapter and operate the machine on the basis of full understanding. Furthermore, do not think that the precautions described in the text are sufficient, and additional precautions should be considered according to conditions such as the environment.

2. In this manual, safety precautions called "DANGER", "WARNING" and "CAUTION" are described everywhere. In addition, this symbol is also used on the safety identification labels provided in this machine. These descriptions are distinguished by the following safety symbols. Please take precautions according to the description and drive safely.



3. This symbol is used for safety information and safety identification labels in locations where there is a high possibility of serious injury or death if the hazard cannot be avoided. This safety information contains precautions that must be taken to avoid hazards.


4. This symbol is used for safety information and safety identification labels in potential locations where a hazardous situation cannot be avoided that could result in serious injury or death. This safety information contains precautions that must be taken to avoid hazards.


5. Indicates a state that may result in minor injury, moderate obstacle, or major damage to machinery if the danger cannot be avoided.

We cannot fully grasp and predict all dangers. Therefore, the contents of this manual and the safety identification labels provided in this machine do not necessarily describe all precautionary methods and precautions. Please be careful not to carry out driving operations, inspections, and maintenance other than those described in this manual, and be careful not to cause mechanical damage or personal accidents due to the responsibility of the staff.

In addition to the above-mentioned safety precautions, supplementary instructions to facilitate the work for the worker REMARKare displayed and described, which are separated from the explanatory text. These are special items that are useful to staff, so there is no safety identification label for this machine. This document describes the operation method, information, specifications, and precautions for the work site where damage to the machine or the life of the machine may be shortened.

6. Be sure to observe the precautions described in the safety identification labels installed in this machine. Also, be careful not to remove or damage the safety identification labels. If the safety label is damaged and the text cannot be read, please replace it with a new one in time. Please go to our sales agent to order a new nameplate.

Outline of the machine

Assign job

This machine is mainly used for the following operations.

· Excavation work

· Ground preparation

· Trenching operations

· Side trench excavation

· Loading operations

· Hydraulic hammer operation


Features of this machine

· In narrow construction sites and road construction, the counterweight can rotate without exceeding the width of the crawler track even in the rotating state.

· The driver can see the bucket clearly by adopting the best left and right movement, and can properly excavate the side ditch of the wall.


Test drive


This machine is shipped from the factory after an adequate adjustment check. Rough use from the beginning will cause a rapid decline in mechanical performance and shorten the life of the machine, so please perform a test drive for the first 100 hours (the time displayed on the timer). Please pay special attention to the following conditions when driving.

· Do not work under heavy load and high speed.

· Do not perform abrupt start, rapid acceleration, unnecessary emergency stop and drastic direction change.

The driving operation, inspection, maintenance, and safety-related precautions in this manual are only applicable when the machine is used for the specified purpose. All safety-related matters are the responsibility of the user when used for work purposes not described in this manual. However, please never do assignments that are prohibited in this book.

When you use

When ordering parts and requesting service, please contact us again with the machine number, engine number and timer. The machine number and engine number are marked in the following positions, please fill in the blanks below after confirmation

Mechine model

Machine Serial

Engine Model





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