Isuzu 4HK1 Replacement Fan Belt

Today I will talk about how to replace the fan belt of the Isuzu 4HK1 engine. I have been running this machine for more than 10,000 hours, and the fan belt has never been replaced. It seems that the edges are burred and bifurcated. For the sake of insurance, don’t cause a tragic loss of fan leaves to the water tank due to a little negligence.

If you want to change it, you can choose the belt. We recommend to buy the original Isuzu or the excavator parts replacement provided by YNF MACHINEY. The commonly used belt models are 8pk1140 and 8pk1155.

fan belt

First remove the guard plate, there is a relatively narrow and long guard plate next to the engine guard plate, remove the guard plate to see the air conditioner belt tensioner, use a 13 wrench to loosen the tensioner screw.

fan belt 2

Then use a 13 wrench to adjust the tensioning screw counterclockwise until the A/C belt can be removed. Then go to the engine, use a 17 19 wrench to loosen the generator set screw 1, and then adjust the tension screw 2 counterclockwise, be sure to loosen it completely.

fan belt 3

Then use a 12 14 wrench to remove the fan cover, the fan cover fixing bracket. Then remove the fan belt, if it is tight, you can use a crowbar to lean the generator as far as possible to the side of the engine, so that the belt can be easily removed from the pulley.

Then dig through the fan blades one by one, so that they can be easily removed. When installing, the order of disassembly is reversed. Adjust the tensioning screw, hold the belt with your hand, and move up and down with a distance of one centimeter.

At this point, the belt has been replaced, and you can solve the emergency by doing more.


Post time: Aug-12-2022