What should I do if the computer board of the excavator is stolen?

What should I do if the computer board of the excavator is stolen? Watch me solve it easily and let the excavator be reborn!

Speaking of computer boards, it may be the pain of many excavator owners, because it happens so frequently around us.

The computer board is the core of the excavator, so the price is extremely high, whether it is a new board or a second-hand board, the price is not low.

Therefore, many people with bad intentions take the risk of stealing computer boards for this benefit, and then sell them second-hand.

Although our country cracks down on this kind of illegal crime very strongly, it still can’t help the greed of human nature, and it will not stop for a long time. It even formed a gray industrial chain, which is very angry and helpless.

Kato HD700 excavator:

kato hd700 excavator

This time I happened to encounter a Kato 700 excavator, which unfortunately the stolen happened.

A typical old machine, the Kato 700 is very durable. When it is old, it can still move when it needs to move, and can dig when it needs to dig. But this machine has gone through a dark moment — The computer board was taken away!

Everyone who is involved in the excavator industry should know this abhorrent business, stealing computer boards, and this phenomenon is still very rampant, so many drivers whose machine’s controllers are taken away are very distressed and helpless. I really hope this person who does this business will be brought to justice as soon as possible.

This HD700 is one of the victims, so in the face of this situation, and it is already an old machine, I didn’t think about repairing it, and just pulled it by hand.

However, this is a hassle after all, so the boss still thinks about getting a throttle motor, and he just knew that I have a motor that does not need a computer board, so it hits the spot. Let me do this machine.

excavator throttle motor:

excavator throttle motor

This time, I gave it an all-around throttle motor, because there is no computer board, so it is definitely not possible in general. Only this solution solved it.

Install the motor location:

Install the motor location.

Originally there was an accelerator, the computer board was not there, and the original excavator could not be used, so it had to be replaced.

throttle motor stander

Because the stroke of the original car’s motor does not match the current one, in order to work better, a bracket was added to increase the stroke.


It is easy to install the throttle motor, and this ”Almighty King” (full function throttle motor) also comes with a driver board, so the computer board control is omitted.

It is convenient for this kind of machines which are missing or with damaged computer board.

Install the knob.

Install the knob.

The location of the original machine was not very suitable, so I took it out and put it on a new one.

finish installing the knob

After the knob is installed, let’s test the machine.

The effect of this motor is not much worse than the original one, because the throttle control is the same here, and it is good to add or subtract oil.

The boss is also relatively satisfied. After all, this method is indeed the most trouble-saving and cost-effective compared to building another computer board.

The old machine, and it is the most unfortunate to encounter such a situation. At present, when I encounter the real situation of the computer board, it is almost half the life of the machine. Therefore, in the face of this situation, the solution I know is the only way I can do.

At present, the theft of excavator computer boards is still repeated. I hope that the regulatory authorities can increase the investigation and control efforts, so that the illegal computer board transactions, sales, and possessions are all wiped out, and the excavator industry is still a bright future. At the same time, I also hope that the owners will pay more attention to anti-theft, prohibit it from the source, and report this situation immediately, so that the relevant departments will punish it severely.

Post time: May-07-2022