Friction Plate for Sumitomo Excavator SH350-3 Swing Motor MFC200

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Friction plate or steel plate, paper plate which is used on the swing motor MFC200. High quality aftermarket excavator parts with reasonable price

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Friction Plate for Sumitomo Excavator SH350-3 Swing Motor MFC200

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The listing in the page is about the friction plate for SH350 Sumitomo excavator swing motor MFC200.
This motor also fits for Case excavator CX290B.

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Model: MFC200
Product name: friction plate
Purchasing number: YNF12239
If you are not sure this is the one you need when you are looking for the MFC200 swing motor friction plate, feel free to contact us for any details for any excavator parts.

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MFC200 swing motor spare part motor repair kit for EC360 SUMITOMO SH360 HYUNDAI R360 excavator

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