Steel Clutch Plate for SH350-3 Swing Motor MFC200 Friction Plate

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China steel friction plate for excavators on swing motor and travel motor
Steel clutch plate directly from the factory

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Steel Clutch Plate for SH350-3 Swing Motor MFC200 Friction Plate

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Ordering code: YNF12240
Excavating machine model: SH350-3
Swing motor model: MFC200
Material: steel
Product name: steel friction clutch plate

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About YNF friction plate manufacturer

YNF has complete testing methods and production equipment, reliable quality assurance system, and strong research and development capabilities. It is a private limited liability company specializing in the production and processing of various asbestos-free friction blocks, copper-based friction discs, paper-based friction discs, dual steel discs, and semi-metal friction products.
The products produced by YNF are widely used in clutches, brakes, gearboxes, gearboxes, etc.

Analysis of the failure of friction plate material and how to repair it

Friction lining materials have been widely used in the machinery and automotive industries, and friction lining materials will inevitably have faults during the application process. So, how should the faults of the friction linings be eliminated?
The back panel will come off. For the occurrence of this phenomenon, there are mainly two situations: one is that the back plate and the friction material have cracks; the other is that the friction material itself has cracks. These two reasons cause the backplane to fall off. Therefore, to solve this problem, do not use too high temperature for related operations, and do not install in an incorrect way, so as to effectively avoid the phenomenon that the back plate of the friction lining material falls off.
The phenomenon of sluggish braking is also a frequent problem. If the braking is slow, you need to check the spring to see if there is a malfunction; improper clearance between the brake pads and the brake disc will also affect, so the distance of the clearance needs to be adjusted accordingly.
The newly installed brake pads will also have a soft braking phenomenon. The main reasons for this phenomenon are: the brake pads are not standard, which requires the replacement of the brake pads; there is dirt on the surface of the brake disc that has not been cleaned in time, which is also a reason, so cleaning work to keep.
The friction plate material can play a very good role in braking and running. If there is a fault, it should be analyzed in a timely manner.
YNF specializes in the production and sales of various brands of imported domestic punch clutch friction plates, punch friction plates, wet clutch friction plates, friction blocks, sector plates, and special-shaped plates for processing according to drawings and samples.
Copper-based friction discs, paper-based friction discs, dual discs (spacers), friction blocks of various specifications, fan-shaped friction discs

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